YOUR CONSULTANT IS Katrina Rickermann

My Story

My story began on February 22, 2014. I was attending a yard sale craft fair at the Boothbay Fire Station, and my table was set across the way from a lady named Heidi who was selling Scentsy. I had never heard of Scentsy, but was intrigued. She told me all about what it was, and encouraged me to smell all the bars she had. I wanted to buy a warmer but was unsure if I should or not, so I entered her drawing and figured if I won the special discount, I would do it. And I did. So I picked out a warmer and a couple of bars and talked to her about hosting a party. We decided on a basket party, which means I take around a tote full of scentsy catalogs and samples, and sell to everyone I know. The party went fantastic, we sold around $500 worth and I loved doing it. My love for Scentsy was growing. it wasn't long before I was thinking I could do this too. In October of 2014, I signed up under Heidi and started my own Scentsy business. Then in March, a lady who hosted a party for me signed up under me, and my team began to grow. Scentsy brings people together. It's not just about selling products, it's about building relationships and growing as a person along the way. It's been about a year for me so far, and I've loved every minute of being a Scentsy Consultant.   <!--endbody-->